North Texas infectious disease doctor sees spike in monkeypox cases – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

As monkeypox cases rise and Dallas County declares a health emergency, it’s even surprising that Dr. Nikhil Bhayani, an infectious disease physician at Texas Health Resources.

“It’s quite rare, even in medical school training, and when we’ve been in residency and trained in infectious diseases,” said Dr. Nikhil Bhayani, assistant professor at the Burnett School of Medicine in the TCU.

He talked about how many people he saw who were exposed to monkeypox.

“We’ve seen just a large number of people who have entered various entities within Texas Health, it’s, I can tell you, it’s more than a handful,” Dr. Bhayani said.

Bhayani said he remembered hearing about cases of monkeypox when animals were imported from West Africa.

“I remember when I was training in Chicago there was an outbreak in 2003 in Wisconsin and Illinois,” Dr Bhayani said. “It turned out the pet store had these guinea pigs that came from West Africa. The people who bought them had lesions that suggested monkeypox.”

So far, health experts say most cases involve men having sex with other men.

But they stress that anyone can contract the virus, so it’s important to understand the risk.

“If you are in contact with someone who has been infected with monkeypox, do not share the same towels, sheets, especially with someone from the same household, because exposure to someone with these lesions is the way which you can get monkeypox,” Dr Bhayani said.

The most important advice he can give: don’t panic. Be vigilant and follow public health guidelines.

Dallas County has the most monkeypox cases than any other county in the state.

At last count, there are now 224 confirmed cases – and 36 suspected cases.

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