New survey of more than 350 nurses by American Nurse finds medical messaging errors have a significant impact on patient care

ELMHURST, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Health care logistics, i.e. the movement of essential materials, including laboratory samples, supplies, pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment, has a much greater impact on the delivery patient care than most think, according to a new survey by American nurse Log. Of the 353 respondents, 87% of nurses said that medical courier deliveries – or lack thereof – had an impact on their weekly work. Additionally, 71% of nurses said a delay or error in medical messaging impacted their ability to provide patient care at least once a month.

According to the survey, 32% of nurses have created a “secret stash” of supplies and 27% have personally transported an item to another facility in the past year to overcome courier issues. Almost a fifth (19%) said errors or delays impacted their ability to provide patient care five or more times per month.

“Healthcare logistics are often viewed as a cost center rather than a core part of delivering care,” said Jake Crampton, CEO of MedSpeed. “However, when you look at what the nurses said in this survey, the role of logistics becomes clear.” Crampton continued, “This intrinsic connection to care delivery guides MedSpeed’s mission and our commitment to investing in infrastructure that drives quality and reliability and enables clinical efficiency.

the American nurse A survey found that 56% of nurses had to postpone a procedure on a patient in the past year due to delays or medical messaging errors, while 65% had to collect another sample for testing.

Crampton added: “This survey also sheds light on the financial impact of logistics on the delivery of care, particularly when considering the cost of delays in procedures. Add to that the damage that negative patient reviews could have on a healthcare organization’s competitive position, and it becomes clear that partnering with a provider like MedSpeed ​​- with an error rate that is a small fraction of the industry average – can generate significant savings for a healthcare system. »

Messaging issues also prevent nurses from operating at the peak of their license by forcing them to resolve issues and problems beyond their control. Another survey found that 72% of nurses said they suffered from burnout before the pandemic, and 90% planned to leave the already critically short supply nursing profession within a year if the issues were not resolved.

The anonymous survey of nurses was conducted by American nursethe official journal of the American Nurses Association, on behalf of MedSpeed ​​February 1-28, 2022.

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MedSpeed ​​integrates healthcare organizations through enterprise-wide movement of physical materials: samples, pharmaceuticals, supplies, and more. It transforms transportation into a strategic asset that uses scale more efficiently, reduces risk, eliminates redundancy, and centralizes services. The company has grown from a Chicago-based startup to a national enterprise with over 150 hub operations in 32 states. Its customer base includes 27 of the nation’s top 100 health systems.

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