Nearly 60-year-old Flixton Garage could be flattened for homes

A PLAN to flatten a garage in Flixton over 50 years old and turn it into up to 10 houses has been submitted to Trafford Council.

An application for planning permission for the David Herd Motors site, off Woodsend Road, was submitted to council towards the end of March.

As an application for planning permission, which is an acceptance of the plan in principle, it does not contain many details.

But he mentions the idea of ​​a maximum of 10 houses on the 1,670 square meter site, with garage access and parking arrangements retained for residents.

The proposals read: ‘The building is no longer fit for purpose and the applicant is applying for planning permission for the demolition of the building and for a small development on the main part of the site. access would be retained and used for access and parking.

“The site would be suitable for a scheme of less than ten houses and the scheme would therefore not be a major development. The site is surrounded by housing and therefore the use of the site would be compatible with its surroundings.”

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According to its website, David Herd Motors has been in the area for over 50 years.

The site was once a candle factory, but was turned into a garage around 1965.

The business has been on sale for months, but with no interest or offers, according to the proposals.

It is due to close at the end of May, with all of its 10 full-time and part-time employees in line for new jobs at similar businesses.

The proposals read: “To continue as a business would require significant investment as the building is no longer fit for purpose.

“With all staff in new jobs, there is no need to keep the site for employment purposes.”

The deadline for Trafford Council’s decision is the end of June. If approved, a full building permit will still be required.

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