Name ‘Ellen Page’ erased from Oscars, IMDb pages except in one place

If someone from 2008 woke up from a coma and immediately decided to search for their favorite actress Ellen Pagethat person would be disappointed because they no longer exist in places like IMDb and Wikipedia.

The person formerly known as Ellen Page is now called Elliot Page and is one of the hottest personalities in Hollywood. transgender Men. Page has only been Elliot since December 1, 2020, but somehow, in that short time, he’s managed to transform the past to fit a new identity.

Daily Wire podcaster Michael Knowles wrote a lengthy editorial explore the contradictions and confusion surrounding change. He pointed out how the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences still has the name “Ellen Page” listed under nominees for Best Leading Actress for 2008, which is expected to result in the cancellation and deplatforming of the Oscars as Jordan Peterson.

There’s a chance they weren’t because the Academy bowed to Page’s wishes on another Page. When searching for “Ellen Page” on, users come across “Elliot Page” instead with a short explainer.

“NOTE: Nomination originally submitted under the previous name of Elliot Page. At the request of the nominee, following his announcement on December 1, 2020 that he is transgender, his name has been changed accordingly with the support of the Awards Committee and events at the Academy”, he said.

It’s less confusing than IMDb, which seems to have wiped out the old Page name entirely. The Hollywood star’s short biography doesn’t contain the name “Ellen” at all, even for the roles Page played under the old name. Page’s acting past has been erased and rewritten, which Knowles compares to the classic dystopian novel “1984.”

Pages Wikipedia offers a terse “formerly Ellen Page” as a description, but uses the pronouns he/him and Elliot in the rest of the text.

The practice of “deadnaming” refers to the use of a person’s former name, especially for transgender people. Knowles points out that Page went through “Ellen” for 33 of the 35 years of her life and can’t just erase that history and start over, and shouldn’t expect the rest of the world to.

Knowles points out the absurdity of the charade, especially if Page decided tomorrow to revert to using feminine pronouns and go by Ellen again. After numerous cases of detransition of transgender people, which The Daily Wire has reported on before, this possibility is not too far-fetched.

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