Morning Brief: LA’s Next Mayor, Monkeypox Emergency, Digital Minimalism

gHello, LA We are August 5th.

It’s finally Friday. I’m thinking of the beach – weather permitting, of course – and dinner plans. Choice – you know? And you may have to make a very important one at the end of the year.

Who will be your next mayor?

That crowded field of candidates to replace incumbent LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is now down to two: Karen Bass, who received 43.11% of the primary vote, and Rick Caruso, who won 35.99%.

You’ve probably been inundated with advertisements and news reports. This does not necessarily mean that it is easier to make your choice.

That’s why we brought you Meet your mayor for this election. This is a quiz that asks you and applicants the same questions so we can “match” you with the person closest to you on key issues such as housing, homelessness, the police and the climate emergency.

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Here’s an example: In June, we asked candidates where they stood on the size of the LA Police Department and the funding of the force. Bass said she would fill vacancies to bring the force up to its fully authorized size of 9,700 officers, while Caruso said he would expand the LAPD to 10,000 officers or more. Caruso also said he would increase funding for the LAPD, while Bass said she would keep funding at its current size.

Many of you have told us that the quiz helped you make up your mind (yay!), so we’re doing it again for the second round in November. We will publish our new quiz at the beginning of October to prepare your ballot.

What we need to know about you now is what you want us to ask candidates. We have already received a lot of questionsincluding:

  • How Bass and Caruso plan to lower barriers to building new homes
  • Where are the eviction protections put in place at the start of the pandemic?
  • How they will reduce the stigma around monkeypox vaccinations

Got a question for Bass and Caruso as you prepare to vote? Share it here.

As always, stay happy and healthy, friends. There’s more news below the fold.

What else do you want to know

  • After coming THIS close to a new mask mandate last week, LA County COVID cases dropsuggesting the the last wave may have peaked.
  • A Hollywood home has been supporting people living with mental illness for 40 years. Homes like this are rapidly disappearing at a time when they are needed more than ever. But at this mid-century apartment complex just off Sunset, residents are taking time to celebrate a new community garden and the tranquility it brings.
  • A bill that authorize LA and two other cities in California to run pilot programs authorize supervised injection sites for drug addicts is on his way to Governor Gavin Newsom’s office.
  • Los Angeles lawyers prepare for asylum seekers as they wait for President Joe Biden finally ending the Trump-era “Stay in Mexico” policy.
  • With more than 6,000 cases detected in the United States, the White House said monkeypox a public health emergency. Here are some tips to reduce your risk.
  • Temperatures are rising and become unbearable, but there is a way for you to protect those you love from this extreme heat.
  • DJ Nectali “SumoHair” Diazknown in Los Angeles for his musical project Reyna Tropical, died at 42. Born in Mexico, he has used music and other media to centering the Afro-Mexican community in his art.
  • It’s the scorching days of summer, but there are plenty of fun events to attend this weekend. Of The Pasadena Bead and Design Lounge at The Live Butterfly Experience at the Santa Ana Zoo for Garden concerts at the Getty Center’s Central Garden, there are options for everyone.

Before You Go… Practicing Digital Minimalism

(Valery Kachaev/Spruce Books)

Have you passed TikTok after TikTok after another and you look at the clock and it is well past bedtime? I am guilty. (This week, I got stuck on Bad Bunny concert videos.)

But the fact is, many of us are addicted to our phones. Social networks, apps, SMS – you know how it goes. A recent survey claimed that Americans check their phones every 4 minutes, according to NPR.

Don’t trip there are ways to downsize without going back to a flip phone.

There is also a term for this: digital minimalism. It was invented by a computer science professor who wrote a book about it. Check out this NPR story on how to find a good balance in your relationship with your phone.

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