Mineral Council Funds College Fitness Contest Trip | Local News

KEYSER, W.Va. — Students from both Mineral County colleges will travel to Charleston later this month to compete in a statewide fitness competition.

PE teachers Sheri Blow of Keyser Middle School and Amanda Jewell of Frankfort Middle School appeared before the Mineral County Board of Education on Tuesday asking for funds so students could attend West Virginia Fit + Active Schools Face- Off from the state Department of Education in May. 18.

After submitting a video entry of students from both schools participating in the rigorous training required for the competition, Jewell said she and Blowe learned that teams from both schools had been invited to participate in the competition at the scale. of State.

Jewell’s team is largely made up of eighth graders and Blowe’s is mostly made up of seventh graders.

Three winning teams will be selected in the state competition. Blowe said the first-place school will receive a $500 grant for its physical education department and the second- and third-place teams will receive grants of $250 and $100, respectively.

Jewell said she was “pretty confident” either team could win one of the cash prizes.

“To be honest, the workout is extremely tough,” Blowe said, noting that the students still handled the nearly 30-minute routine really well — consisting of planks, push-ups, shoulder taps and more. “There is no break. Both schools have done a very good job.”

The board voted unanimously to approve $900 in travel expenses for each school.

In other business, Ravenscroft said council will hear an update from Frankfurt Elementary School Architects on the progress of the project at the May 17 council meeting.

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