Milo Matthieu “Flowers beyond the sunset” Brussels

Milo Matthieu is a Brooklyn-based artist best known for his gestural portraits that deal with identity and self-perception. As his first exhibition in Belgium, Matthieu presents “Flowers Beyond the Sunset” at Sorry We’re Closed.

The exhibition focuses on Matthieu’s experience visiting the Colombian city of Cartagena. Through 13 paintings and two sculptures, the artist injects the traditions of the Creole storyteller, composing a number of disparate themes to question the interrelationships between cultures, people, language and landscapes.

Memories and observation form the basis of his practice. Where he uses his own life experiences, along with those of anonymous people, to create distorted figurations that invite the viewer to reflect on the human psyche. Matthieu achieves this goal through a method first devised by the French writer André Breton, known as “psychic autonomism” – which essentially promotes a rapid process of creativity – where unconscious thoughts take over the process.

“Flowers Beyond the Sunset” is on Sorry We’re Close until March 5, 2022.

sorry we are closed
Rue des Minimes 39,
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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