Michael Mosley shares the best diet for quick and healthy weight loss – “Lose 1.5 in 3 months”

One way to “boost initial weight loss” is to cut calories to 800 a day, for “at least eight weeks.”

But not everyone can stick to 800 calories a day for long, which is why Dr. Michael created the new 5:2.

He explained, “Are you still going to lose weight fast? Yes, especially if you start with the rapid weight loss approach and then move on to the New 5:2.

“How much are you going to lose? Well, according to a number of studies…the average person loses about a stone and a half (22 lbs or 10 kg) in three months.

As for how to “stay slim for life,” Dr. Michael suggests a “low-carb, high-protein Mediterranean-style diet.”

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