Meet Rinku Shah, An Epitome Of Youthfulness And Carnal Fitness Symbol

Rinku Shah is a 40 year old vicenarian who started her journey with health and is now a fitness entrepreneur, certified personal trainer and sport’s nutritionist as well. An Indian born on 24th April 1981 in the city of dreams, Mumbai she has helped improve many countless lives to see the better version of themselves.
Rinku Shah has shaped many individuals to not only get fit but also started a campaign to spread awareness to many those around and help them realize how beneficially easy is it to get into shape even at the comfort of staying at home.

The recent times have been a severe nuisance for fitness zones as permissions to public gyms and such recreation centers have been restricted. This in turn calls out for a change in your routine by adapting a new kind of life style that is more prominent and online. To help ease this situation Rinku Shah, with the help of her colleagues have opened a community to guide souls and lead them in a better and improved nation.

Rinku Shah’s 10 years plus experience in being a fitness coach has surely helped her achieve this goal of seeing a world fit from diseases and physical restrictions to such extent where her motto is adapted by various age categories like wise. Owing to her own life problems where Rinku faced problems with her un healthy back she decided to take her injury and make her life turn around with sheer dedication and whole hearted perseverance. After making it so far with her flair there is no turning back for Rinku Shah and her ambitions for a fitting age of character.


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