Mayor Eric Adams Holds Weekend Crime Prevention Meeting With NYPD Brass – NBC New York

Mayor Eric Adams has scheduled a rare weekend meeting with senior NYPD leaders on Saturday to discuss crime strategies in the wake of citywide violence.

NYPD commanders are expected at One Police Plaza to answer questions from the mayor on topics including crime statistics and homeless encampments.

Top precinct, transit and housing commanders will discuss crime reduction strategies following other high-profile shootings last week.

Two students were injured when gunfire erupted on a street in Queens on Wednesday, with seemingly innocent bystanders caught in the melee. Among them, a 14-year-old girl who was shot in the neck and is now paralyzed.

A broad daylight shooting late Friday morning left an East Village man shot dead on East 4th Street near Avenue C. No arrests have been made.

“New Yorkers have the right to be angry, the right to expect more, to feel safe, to be safe, to know that your city is watching over you, your family and those in need. “, Adams said earlier this week in his first 100 days as mayor’s speech.

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