Maya Hawke Looks Great as Harley Quinn in Joe Keery’s Joker in AI Art

AI builder Craiyon has shown what Stranger Things star Maya Hawke could look like as Harley Quinn, and the results are startling.

Following on from Joe Keery’s perfect fancast as the live-action Joker, an AI artwork has revealed just how Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke Looks Like DC’s Clown Princess harley quinn. Hawke is the equally talented daughter of big-name actors, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, which clearly shows where she gets her abilities from. Moreover, she also rose to fame for her role as Robin Buckley on Netflix. stranger thingsbecame a fan favorite after debuting in the show’s third season.

Hawke made his film debut in 2018 ladyworld after following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother by modeling for vogue at the beginning of his career. She then made her horror film debut in Netflix’s 2021 Supernatural slasher film, Fear Street Part One: 1994, being the first victim of the first movie in a horror trilogy, paying homage to Drew Barrymore. Most recently, Hawke is set to star alongside Bradley Cooper in the 2023 biopic Leonard Bernstein, Maestro, as Bernstein’s daughter, Jamie. Hawke has yet to appear in a major comic book adaptation, but with all the Marvel and DC projects in development, she could join a superhero franchise at some point.


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Using the rendering system, Craiyon, Hawke was fully seen in her potential Harley Quinn persona. The images were primarily inspired by Margot Robbie’s interpretation of Harley, with Hawke sporting the character’s signature blonde pigtails with pink and blue tinted ends. His costume was also inspired by the one from 2016 suicide squad, featuring a white top with black and red aspects scattered throughout, referencing Quinn’s comic book counterpart. We also ran a simulation that featured Keery’s Joker and Hawke’s Harley together. See pictures below:

Maya Hawke as Harley Quinn

Joe Keery Joker and Maya Hawke Harley Quinn DALL-E

It’s clear that Quinn’s iconic appearance is a perfect fit for Hawke, making her a strong candidate for a future live-action DC project. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Hawke’s stranger things Co-star Joe Keery was also the subject of a Joker AI Generation, which showcased his near-perfect appearance as a comic book character. With the two having major chemistry in the Netflix series, there’s no doubt it would be fun to watch their dynamic if they were to play DC’s iconic crime couple.

Despite Hawke’s strong appearance in the role, there are currently no plans for her to reprise the role of Harley Quinn in live-action. Given Robbie’s continued success as the character, it’s safe to assume she would continue to play the role should Harley appear in future DCEU projects. However, Warner Bros. is open to the idea of ​​having multiple Harleys live at once, with Lady Gaga in talks for Harley in joker 2. Maybe Hawke could portray the character in a different kind of Elseworlds story, given how perfect she looks. harley quinn.

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