Massive pile of trash prompt complaints from East Vancouver community

A giant pile of trash, which has served as more than just an eyesore for an East Vancouver community, could be getting cleaned up soon.

According to a statement from the City of Vancouver, the debris is the remains of a demolition of a fire-damaged building. The demolition dates all the way back to August 2021.

“The property was sold to a new owner in February and while the former owner had committed to cleanup up the property, the land was sold before his work was done.”

An East Vancouver resident, reddit user Express-Feeling2068, posted pictures of the eyesore, while expressing their displeasure with the neighborhood trash heap.

The City states that it is aware of the challenges with the property, and that it is working with the owner to address them ASAP.

Other reddit users have also expressed concern about the lot, with some claiming they’ve submitted complaints through the VanConnect app to no avail.

“The City can confirm that the new owner is in the final stages of applying for a Building Permit for a four storey residential building, and that cleaning up the property would be addressed as part of this application.”

“I saw mice and rats running around. A big hygiene issue,” they wrote in the post. In a message to Daily Hive, they added that they live across the street, and see the garbage everyday.

“Sometime I try to walk faster or not on that side. I hope they clean up soon… been too long.”

A link to the proposed future development can be found here.

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