Maryland and DC Students Celebrate ‘Bike to School Day’ | WDVM25 and DCW50

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – If you were driving to work Wednesday morning, you might have seen lots of kids in your neighborhood riding bikes to school. That’s because it’s the international bike to school day.

Dozens of students from Ritchie Park Elementary in Rockville, Maryland arrived at school with a different set of wheels.

“I like to cycle with my family, I don’t often cycle to school, so it’s good to have that experience to do it,” student Mia Weston said.

Student Samantha Magnotta said she struggled but enjoyed the experience.

“Usually I ride in a car, but this time I had to cycle through the hills and it was a bit difficult,” Magnotta said.

Pam Wood is the mother of two Ritchie Park students. She says she often bikes to school with her children, but seeing so many other students taking part in Bike to School day, she is thrilled.

“[It’s] very important, I think it’s part of a healthy lifestyle and a strong community,” Wood said.

Principal Andrew Winter and several teachers also participated.

“It was great. We went out to pick up the kids from Falls Grove, unfortunately not too much because of the weather, but I went out with a few teachers and we had a great time. We went on bikes and back to a few neighborhoods to ride bikes with more kids,” Winter said.

Bike to School Day was organized in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.
MCDOT leaders say there are several benefits of cycling to school.

“Bicycling can increase school performance, it makes you healthier, it decreases obesity, and it’s been known to improve school performance,” said Duwan Morris, transportation planning specialist at MCDOT.

The students also learned more about road safety.

“We give them safety tips on how to cycle safely to school and we give them stickers. Encourage kids to wear bike helmets as they need them when they arrive and give them devices to help them be seen when they’re on the road,” said MCDOT Director Chris Conklin.

Just across the state line in Washington DC, students had their own Bike and Roll day.

In a speech, Mayor Muriel Bowser encouraged parents and teachers to do this more often.

“Starting early with our children to teach them to ride bikes and walk, and advocating for safer streets for all of us is so important,” said

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