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GOAL! Wigan 0-1 Plymouth (Jephcott 63)

Wigan missed several chances, and Luke Jephcott made them pay! As things stand – and it really is extremely tight at the top of League One – Wigan still need three points to clinch promotion.

Manchester City 5-1 Watford The state of this.

In League 2, Exeter led 2-0 at home to Rochdale. It doesn’t look like they will get promotion today as Northampton win 4-2 at Orient.

Bournemouth 0-1 Fulham It sounds Mitrovic’s goal only limit crossed. In fact, it was so close the guys at Sky Sports are wondering if the goal-line tech got it wrong.

GOAL! Bournemouth 0-1 Fulham (Yes 56)

Aleksandar Mitrovic’s 487th goal of the season gave leaders and eventual champions Fulham the lead at the Vitality Stadium.

“Afternoon Rob!” said Rob Wolf Petersen. “I don’t know whether to be happy or in disbelief that you didn’t mention Brighton as a potential relegation candidate. On the one hand, I guess it shows how far you’ve come. On the other, a club of our size is never just one bad run, one manager gone or a freshly created club that snatches all our players from relegation.

Fair point. If Graham Potter stays (and realistically I don’t see any work coming this summer that would justify leaving Brighton) you’ll surely be fine.

The latest scores from our featured games

premier league


  • Bournemouth 0-0 Fulham
  • Peterborough 0-1 Nottingham Forest

League 1

  • Wigan Athletic 0-0 Plymouth Argyle

league two

  • Bristol Rovers 0-0 Forest Green Rovers

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Forest Green Rovers

“Hi Rob,” writes Richard Woods. “I’m watching the big League Two game on a totally legal paid iFollow stream. The cliché of a ‘good advertisement for Ligue 2 football’ applies here. “Gas having more possession, FGR strong in attack. Hoping that Gas succeeds in the second half.

GOAL! Manchester City 5-1 Watford; Gabriel Jesus 4-1 Watford

Gabriel Jesus gets his fourth, hitting Ben Foster for the first time after a brilliant (mostly) one-touch shot. Pure and delicious football.

“There should be a committee of curmudgeons the ‘old’ fans (the state of mind not the age) who can vote on any variation of the standard homecoming kits,” says Zach Neeley. “Reward creative third kits, ban horror ones. It would be great fun for 12 to 18 months until everyone on the committee gets caught up in a bribery scandal.

GOAL! Man City 4-1 Watford (Jesus Pen 49)

Watford concede a penalty 14 seconds into the second half, which is ingenious when you think about it, and Gabriel Jesus scores his first Premier League hat-trick of the place. Manchester City lead four points.

GOAL! Norwich 0-3 Newcastle (Guimaraes 49)

New St James’ Park darling Bruno Guimaraes continued his and Newcastle’s brilliant form with a majestic finish.

Newcastle United’s Bruno Guimaraes scores his third goal. Photography: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters
Newcastle United's Bruno Guimaraes celebrates scoring their third goal.
Guimaraes celebrates his goal. Photograph: Chris Radburn/Reuters

In yesterday’s countdown, Steve Rackett has suggested a contender for the weekend’s game: the Wessex League Division 1 playoff final on the Isle of Wight between Newport and Laverstock & Ford. Steve wrote again with the score at half-time: it was 2-1 for Newport, with Connor Kelly giving Newport the lead just before the break.

Bournemouth 0-0 Fulha,

“Hi Rob,” said Richard Hirst. “While following the foulathon that is Bournemouth v Fulham (20+), I lazily speculated who Fulham hoped to finish top next season, avoiding further relegation. Apart from the two promoted teams, is “that Everton” (cMatt Dony) our best hope? I don’t want to be at loggerheads with Mary Waltz, but chivalry can’t go any further.

This assumes Everton will stay in place this season. I wouldn’t be so sure, especially if Burnley won tomorrow. As for next year, the contenders for relegation will include the three promoted teams, Brentford (I love them but they scream ‘second season syndrome’, especially if they lose Christian Eriksen), Leeds, Everton or Burnley and maybe Southampton.

half time

Whistles are blown across the country. These are the halftime scores of our featured matches. Oh and Salford led 2-1 at Oldham. See you in 10 minutes for more frantic timings.

premier league


  • Bournemouth 0-0 Fulham
  • Peterborough 0-1 Nottingham Forest

League 1

  • Wigan Athletic 0-0 Plymouth Argyle

league two

  • Bristol Rovers 0-0 Forest Green Rovers

“Speaking of the clockwise thing,” says Simon McMahon, “today sees the first leg of the play-off between the league winners of the Highlands and Lowlands – Fraserburgh and Bonnyrigg Rose – to decide who will go ahead to play Cowdenbeath, who are already sure to finish bottom of Scottish League Two, for a place in the Scottish League.

“My brother-in-law, a long-time Cowdenbeath supporter, starts each season hoping to finish second down, or even dreaming of the holy grail of mid-table mediocrity, before finally settling for the desperation of dams. I guess it must happen when your xG is -0.94. »

GOAL! Peterborough 0-1 Nottingham Forest (Surridge 45)

Bad news for Peterborough. Sam Surridge gave Forest the lead just before half-time. If it continues like this, Peterborough will be losers and Forest will have five toes in the playoffs.

Nottingham Forest's Sam Surridge scores his side's first goal
Nottingham Forest’s Sam Surridge opens the scoring. Photography: Anna Gowthorpe/Shutterstock

Championship Keane Lewis-Potter put Hull ahead at home to Reading. This is good news for Peterborough, whose extremely slim survival hopes hinge on the destruction of Reading over the next two weeks.

Peterborough draw 0-0 at home to Nottingham Forest.

GOAL! Norwich 0-2 Newcastle (Joelinton 41)

Joelinton gets his second!

Joelinton scores his second goal of the match and that of the Magpies.
Joelinton scores his second goal of the match and that of the Magpies. Photography: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters

Norwich 0-1 Newcastle As things stand, Newcastle are ninth in the table. They were 19th in mid-January.

Manchester City 3-1 Watford “Well,” Matt Dony said. “I guess the only saving grace is (compared to Naylor, Waltz, Burtz et al) Liverpool can play this The Everton squad tomorrow.

You just wait for Allan to cover one from 40 yards out in the 98th minute.

In League 2, Davis Keillor-Dunn’s penalty brought Oldham level at home to Salford. As things stand, they won’t be dropping out of the Football League today, although they really need to win if they are to have any chance of staying in place.

The latest scores from our featured games

premier league


  • Bournemouth 0-0 Fulham
  • Peterborough 0-0 Nottingham Forest

League 1

  • Wigan Athletic 0-0 Plymouth Argyle

league two

  • Bristol Rovers 0-0 Forest Green Rovers

GOAL! Norwich 0-1 Newcastle (Joelinton 35)

Newcastle’s stunning form looks set to continue. Joelinton put them forward at Carrow Road; a win today would be their 10th in 14 league games.

Newcastle United's Joelinton scores their first goal.
Newcastle United’s Joelinton opens the scoring at Carrow Road. Photography: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters

GOAL! Man City 3-1 Watford (Rodri 34)

Rodri restored City’s two-goal lead with a spectacular strike! He took Jesus’ pass to the chest from 25 yards out, waited for the ball to bounce and then kicked it into the top corner. He’s a screamer.

Manchester City's Rodri scores his third goal.
Whoops ! There it is, Manchester City’s third goal. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Manchester City's Rodri scores his side's third goal.
And here he is seen from above in the stands. Photo: Tom Flathers/Manchester City FC/Getty Images

Manchester City 2-1 Fulham Roy Hodgson’s last big breakout, with Fulham in 2008, began when they came from 2-0 down to win at the Etihad. IS LIGHTNING ABOUT STRIKE TWO? HAS PEP TAKEN THE CITY AS FAR AS HE CAN?

“Hi Rob, thanks for the live blog!” said Ike Proud. “Do you have any idea why Watford are playing in their away kit today? I realize they’re actually the away team, but surely that dark teal(?) number has more of a color clash with City’s sky blue than their standard yellow and black? Is that what getting old is?

It does, although you’re right to point it out – it’s quite common these days for away teams to change kits even when there’s no clash, probably for commercial reasons .

Manchester City 2-1 Watford Dennis, on the left wing, delivered a clever angled pass over the City defence. Kamara ran over it, away from Laporte, and passed through Ederson for the first time. In fact, Ederson might have done better – he got a touch but could only help him into the net.

GOAL! Manchester City 2-1 Watford (Kamara 28)

Be patient as I try to imagine how Hassane Kamara brought Watford back into the game at the Etihad.

Watford's Hassane Kamara celebrates after pulling back a goal for the visitors.
Watford’s Hassane Kamara celebrates after pulling back a goal for the visitors. Photo: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters

“Bravo to Bala Town”, writes Roger Worton, “who won 11 (eleven) -0 on the final day of the Welsh Premier League second leg. Dave Edwards didn’t score but he had at least one assist.

GOAL! Man City 2-0 Watford (Jesus 24)

A second goal for Gabriel Jesus. Didn’t see it due to the blackout but I guess what happened was Kevin De Bruyne hit a nasty, curved cross from the right that was headed in at the far post by Jesus. Something like that.

Gabriel Jesus returns home with his second goal and that of Manchester City.
Exactly like that. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
Gabriel Jesus celebrates after scoring and Manchester City's second goal.
Jesus celebrates his goal. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

“There is a blackout at 3pm in the UK and yet you can still visualize the match,” says Yash Gupta. “What does that mean? Another one of those super powers that a man wields as he gets older.

You say “superpower”, I say “the blazingly fast broadband of Orkney”.

In League 2, Oldham trail Salford 1-0 at home. They will only go down today if they lose and both Barrow and Stevenage win; both draw 0-0 the noo.

Manchester City 1-0 Watford City have had 81% possession so far.

Leicester 0-0 Aston Villa Leon Bailey missed a great chance for Villa, he says here.

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