Man with ‘mental health issues’ dragged for always being late for appointments

The internet has trolled a man for always being late to dates with his girlfriend in a new post that has gone viral on social media.

Posted on Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, a woman with the username u/Lily_Tilly_2 shared her story so the internet could decide if she was wrong. The post has 8,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The Redditor begins by explaining that she is a lawyer, while he is a programmer. She told “AITA” subscribers that whenever they plan to go on a date, he always shows up late or leaves her on a read.

The woman wrote: “Given the workload of my schedule, I really try to make time for him on the weekends and he is often 1. full of not responding when asked questions. questions about his plans 2. left to wait alone in restaurants for at least an hour each time.”

“I know he has mental health issues and finds it hard to get out and meet people, so I try to be more patient/forgiving, but sometimes I always end up blowing up on him when he’s late,” she continued.

Caught on Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, the internet trolled a man for always being late for dates with his girlfriend.
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There can be many reasons why someone might be constantly late, depending on psychology today.

“People can be unpunctual not because they are disrespecting a partner or not paying attention to their needs; it can simply be due to distraction or an inability to estimate time correctly,” Aaron said. Ben-Zeév Ph.D. writes for psychology today.

For their anniversary, she decided to make a dinner reservation well in advance. Once she texted him asking if he was on his way, he didn’t reply, only to let her read. After an hour of waiting, she texted him angrily and left. He texted back saying he had arrived, only “1.45 hours later”.

He called her to apologize for being late and asked if she could come back to the restaurant. She cracked up asking for him to text her back saying he was going to be late and he didn’t care about his time.

“He said I didn’t respect him for trying/his sanity and how hard it was for him to meet me. He admitted that sometimes once he’s late he procrastinates even more because he doesn’t want to deal with the consequences,” she said.

She concluded her message by stating that her time is very important, especially with her job. The Reddit user admits there is not much she can do as she feels she is waiting for her boyfriend and thinks her actions are irresponsible.

Editors were quick to comment.

“I’m a programmer. I have mental health issues. I don’t like being around strangers. I always have the respect to tell my partner if I’m late, and to make sure it’s is a very rare occurrence,” u/DemmyDemon received top commentary with over 14,000 upvotes.

“Disrespecting you like that, and then blaming him on sanity, means he needs to focus on improving his sanity. Until he does, I suggest you shouldn’t maybe- be not submit to this,” they continued.

U/Striking_Shelter_717 wrote, “Why are you still with him? I think you can do better.”

“Hard [Not the A**hole]. You didn’t let him stand, if anything, he stood you up. If he can’t make your relationship a priority now, how can you expect him to in the future? Cut your losses and move on, because you can definitely do a lot better than that jerk,” said u/Crafty-Resident-6741.

“Tell him that in the future you will wait 15 minutes after the agreed time and then leave. Then DO IT. No exceptions. Even if he texts you at 14 minutes, saying he is on his way. After a time or two, IF you don’t back down, he’ll find a way to be better,” u/billlevansatmariposa.

Newsweek contacted u/Lily_Tilly_2 for comment.

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