Man stabbed in L.A. subway describes surviving traumatic attack

A man who was robbed and stabbed on a Los Angeles subway bus is speaking out for the first time.

Nearly two months ago, Allan Heinz was on his way to work near LAX when he was robbed and stabbed multiple times while on a Los Angeles subway bus.

Security cameras captured the entire incident. Heinz was sitting on the green line when suddenly another man lunged at him and swiped his phone. Heinz chased him to the Avalon rig where the suspect then stabbed him four times in the leg.

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At some point, someone mistook Heinz for the assailant and took him away.

“I was like ‘hey you got the wrong guy’ with blood all over me. But this homeless woman, out of nowhere, risked her life for me and she was sitting on the platform watching him. She put her hand on my legs as she prayed for me,” Heinz told FOX 11.

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He says it took more than 30 minutes for help to arrive.

“There was nowhere to call for help, not even a news operator or support like in New York. It’s like you don’t have a phone or you’re not there… die.”

Heinz moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast in September and had to learn to walk again after his hospital stay and surgery. The attack also took a heavy toll on his mental health.

“I am a very positive person. A lot of people call me to support me, and for the first time in my life, I realized that I needed support,” he exclaimed.

LA Metro says it fully supports law enforcement in catching the suspect. They released the following statement, “We have a zero-tolerance policy for violent crime on the Underground and are actively working with our law enforcement partners to bring perpetrators to justice.”

According to the police, the suspect has still not been arrested. Heinz says it’s unacceptable that he’s still potentially targeting other victims without consequence.

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