‘Magna Graecia’ documentary premiere in Melbourne highlighting the history of the Greko community in Italy

The international premiere of the documentary ‘Magna Graecia: the Greko of Calabria’ took place last weekend to a packed crowd at the Pallaconian Brotherhood in Melbourne and Victoria ‘Leonidas’.

The film, created by writer Billy Cotsis and filmmaker Basil Genimahaliotis, was shown to more than 130 guests eager to delve into the 2,800-year-old history of the Greek people of Calabria and their survival to this day. .

Magna Grecia documents the challenges and uniqueness of the Greko community as it tries to preserve its identity as well as the Greko dialect.

Dr. John Martino film prologue. Photo: Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria “Leonidas”
Billy Cotsis during the Q&A after the premiere of Magna Grecia. Photo: Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria “Leonidas”

Greek-Italian Dr John Martino, academic, author and former military officer, prologued the event, while Melbourne’s Greek Consul Emmanuel Kakavelakis called the film a “tourist attraction” and also shared his thoughts. concerns about what might become of the Greek language in the diaspora if the Hellenes living outside Greece fail to preserve it.

The former Minister of Health, Jenny Mikakos, was also present for the screening which she greatly appreciated.

Alex Logothetis, Mary Sinanidis, Andriana Simos, Paul Orfanos, Rena Frangioudaki, Dorothy Hatzopoulou, Paraskevi Tsingas, Emily Kazakos, among others, are other esteemed guests who have lent their support to the project.

Billy Cotsis also launched his new book ‘The Aegean Seven take back the ‘Elgin’ Marbles’ overnight, donating several copies to the Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne and Victoria, all of which were sold overnight and one stored in the club’s library. .

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