MAFS Australia 2022: Olivia Frazer’s 50kg weight loss | Pictures

‘Evil’ Married at First Sight Olivia Frazer has shared shocking photos of her 50kg weight loss after falling ill after the operation.

‘Evil’ Married at First Sight Olivia Frazer has shared before and after photos of her 50kg weight loss after undergoing surgery.

In an Instagram Q&A story, the 28-year-old education student said she weighed 95kg throughout her teenage years before deciding to have gastric sleeve surgery at 22.

But after suffering from gallstones during her recovery, Olivia says she lost a dangerous amount of weight, dropping to just 45kg.

“My recovery was pretty good except I developed gallstones…When you have rapid weight loss you can develop that,” Olivia said. “So I was in a lot of pain. I went from 95 kg to 45 kg in one year.

Olivia then shared before and after photos showing off her quick transformation.

According to, gallstones are “hard, pebble-like masses that form in your gallbladder, which is a small organ on the right side of your abdomen.”

Stones can block the tubes that carry digestive fluids to the intestine, the website says.

The Newcastle-based reality star said she finally hit a healthy 70kg, which is what she weighs now.

She also revealed that she managed to avoid excessive sagging of the skin following the procedure.

“I didn’t have a lot of loose skin. I had a little in my arms but my boobs were very saggy, I had to get them done,” Olivia said, referring to a breast reduction she underwent after gastric sleeve surgery.

Olivia was open about her past weight struggles during her time on MAFSrevealing that her weight affected the way she treated herself as well as her relationships with men.

“I felt like I had to settle for whatever I could get and I did. I settled for what I thought I deserved, which is awful because I definitely deserved a lot better,” Oliva said in February .

She added that a lot of her insecurities “definitely stem from being overweight.”

“I tried to be as confident as possible on the surface,” Olivia said.

“But deep down I knew everyone was staring at the fat girl trying to fit into a skirt.”

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