Los Angeles County ER nurse ‘critical’ after attack near Union Station by homeless man, police say

A nurse in Los Angeles County was hospitalized in critical condition on Thursday after she was attacked by a homeless man in the downtown area, officials said.

The unidentified nurse was attacked at the Union Station bus stop on E. Caesar Chavez Avenue just after 5 a.m., Los Angeles FOX 11 reported.

During the attack, the attacker, who police said was a homeless man in his 40s, struck the nurse on the head, causing her to fall and smash her head on the ground, the station reported.


The man had no history of mental illness but had previous criminal offenses, including violent crime, on his criminal record, officials said.

The exterior of Union Station in Los Angeles can be seen on March 23, 2021.

The exterior of Union Station in Los Angeles can be seen on March 23, 2021.
(Associated Press)

The ER trauma nurse was rushed to the same hospital where she works to undergo brain surgery, FOX 11 reported.

The bus stop where the attack took place had a Metro camera facing it, although it was not immediately known whether the incident was being recorded.

“Metro is shocked to hear of this incident. Metro’s primary concern is the safety of our customers, and together with our law enforcement partners, we will not tolerate any violation against our customers,” Metro said in a statement to FOX 11.


The nurse attack came as LA County hospitals were overwhelmed by the rising ommicron coronavirus variant. County officials confirmed more than 200,000 new coronavirus cases this week — the highest weekly total since the start of the pandemic, the Los Angeles Times reported.


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