London Eurovision Party, Wiktoria Albrycht

The London Eurovision Party took place on April 3, 2022 at the Hard Rock Hotel in London. This is just one of many Eurovision parties that take place before the competition in May, for example Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Barcelona. Many competing artists attend the publicity and presentation of their entry at evening concerts and daytime press events. Many previous competing artists are also invited to perform at some of these evenings.

There were a total of 30 artists who performed at London’s Eurovision party, including this year’s UK entry Sam Ryder and previous years’ Surie and James Newman. There were also many other returning artists like The Roop and Keiino. I had the opportunity to interview many of them at the press event and when I asked what was the most important thing about this year’s competition for many it was the Ukraine and help in any way possible, Monika Liu (Lithuanian of this year) said: “The focus of this year’s contest should be Ukraine and help and support them in any way possible. When asked what their favorite Eurovision entry was, the big winner was 2012 winner Loreen with ‘Euphoria’. All the candidates were so proud to have had the opportunity to represent their country, Surie (2018 UK candidate) said: “It was the most amazing experience and I was so honored to be able to to represent my country at such a big event.”

This experience gave me the opportunity to get to know what a job as a journalist is really like and to get to know many previous and current ESC candidates and learn things about them like who their idol was and how they felt when they were on the big stage with many of which James Newman said “was the best and most exciting feeling and experience”. It gave me the opportunity to see what Eurovision is like behind the scenes while learning a lot about interviews as I conducted 10 interviews in one day and it was an amazing experience which I hope I get the chance to live again.

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