LONDON CHRISTMAS – Hansika Vemula, Newstead Wood School

December in London is a magical time with amazing attractions that bring Christmas to life. My personal favorite are the Christmas lights hanging through the streets.

Every year it has become a bit of a tradition for me and my family to go to the lights at night, and the view never disappoints. We drive through the streets, stopping where possible and taking in the breathtaking sights. Magnificent angels and twinkling stars hang over Oxford, Bond and Regent Street, the London Eye lit up in vibrant colours, the towering tree in the cloister garden. Mehul Vemula stated that “the lights were so cool” and that he got “amazing photos”. I can guarantee that the Christmas lights are 100% worth going through London.

But there is so much more to see: Trafalgar Square Market, Leicester Square Market, winter wonderland, ice skating in front of the National History Museum. London is actually an advertisement for Christmas in December.

Winter Wonderland is a theme park of sorts with great attractions, such as the magical Ice Kingdom with sculptures carved out of cold ice. There was an ice throne! There are games and food stalls with cocoa and churros to warm you up in the icy air.

Leicester Square Market and Trafalgar Square Market are basically stalls selling Christmas goods and delicious food. However, Trafalgar Square also houses the tree donated to London each year by the residents of Oslo in Norway (in recognition of the aid given during the Second World War). It is a giant tree that is the star of Trafalgar square.

Another of my favorite Christmas activities is ice skating and this is the last year it will be held at the National History Museum as they transform the 5 acre gardens into an ‘urban wildlife hub’. Still, skating is an incredible experience and really worth the price.

These are some of the activities in London that I think are phenomenal and I think everyone should experience a Christmas in London once in their life.

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