Legendary Marvel Artist Draws Bakugo From My Hero Academia

my hero academia and Marvel Comics recently crossed paths in unexpected ways, with hero All Might taking on a major role in Marvel’s first manga Merc With A Mouth in Deadpool: Samurai. Although a larger-scale crossover has not been announced, a former Marvel artist who has become a legend in the world of comics and video games has offered his vision for Bakugo, arguably the most popular character in the universe. from the UA Academy. Time may be running out for a potential crossover with creator Kohei Horikoshi working on the series’ “Final Arc.”

Joe Madureira began his career as an artist working for Marvel Comics, providing artwork for major series such as Deadpool, Uncanny X-Men, The Ultimates and The Avenging Spider-Man to name a few. Finally, leaving alone, one of his first titles remains battle hunters, which eventually received its own RPG that continued the story of those characters that seemed synonymous with a Dungeons & Dragons aesthetic. Madureira would continue to branch out into the gaming industry, helping to provide art to such major franchises as Darksidersbut took the opportunity to wear his love of anime on his sleeve via a new cover for My Hero Academia featuring one of Class 1-A’s strongest heroes.

Joe Mad has shared the new cover of my hero academia via his official Twitter account, in which the former Marvel artist took the opportunity to show off his skills and apply them to one of the most popular heroes of the Shonen franchise who should return this fall with the sixth season of his animated adaptation:

Within the pages of the manga, Bakugo currently teams up with Mirko to take on Shigaraki, with the final arc being presented as the final battle between the heroes of Class 1-A and the villains of All For One. With the upcoming sixth season, Bakugo will be instrumental in the assault on the Paranormal Liberation Front as the War Arc changes the landscape of Hero Society forever.

What do you think of Joe Mad’s take on Bakugo? Do you think the explosive young hero will survive the final battle of the Shonen series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.

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