Land deal opens 40 social housing units in Wythenshawe

Manchester City Council has agreed to sell a site off Greenwood Road and Gladeside Road to Wythenshawe Community Housing Group for £310,000.

WCHG plans to build 40 social rent apartments on the site, subject to the agreement of a 990-year lease by the city council executive next week.

Manchester City Council acknowledged it could get a higher price for the land on the open market, but said the deal with WCHG would support the authority’s drive to create more social and affordable housing.

The city council’s new housing strategy, which the executive is invited to formally adopt at the same meeting, aims to create 10,000 new social and affordable housing units over the next 10 years.

“In developing this land, we are implementing the council’s ambition to create much needed new social housing for our residents,” said Cllr Gavin White, Executive Member for Housing and Development.

“The city’s population is expected to continue to grow over the next decade, which is why it’s vital that we invest in affordable housing now. It is a positive step that the council is able to take unused brownfields like this and put them to effective use. »

Andrea Lowman, Executive Director of Development at WCHG, added, “With demand for this type of housing far exceeding supply, working in partnership really helps to get local housing to those who need it most.

“The site, on Greenwood Road in Wythenshawe, has become something of an eyesore since the demolition of the Greenwood pub, so we are delighted that this plan will see the land recycled and turned into a real asset to our community.

Plans were approved in 2020 for the project, which is designed by Falconer Chester Hall. ECS Capital was the promoter at the time but has since sold its leasehold interest. ECS Capital is no longer involved in the project.

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