La Petite Fauxmagerie in Newtown sells all-vegetable cheese

If you’re giving up dairy for health reasons, environmental reasons, or just considering the flexitarian lifestyle and can’t give up those cheesy goodies, La Petite Fauxmagerie has you covered.

Not only is the pun-tastic name an absolute ace, but Newtown’s “cheese shop” has a very serious selection of plant-based products, from cashew blues to truffled brie, and even their own range of non-dairy butter, so your next night of wine and snacks can still get loose without the cheese dreams afterwards.

The La Petite Fauxmagerie team is so devoted to its cause that it has even released its own lines of vegan products; pretty and flowery organic cashew cheeses that are as good to look at as they are to eat, and a range of wholesome and totally delicious cultured vegan butter.

While the most cynical among us may protest that there is no substitute for the real deal, these nut-based cheeses are just as satisfying as their milk counterparts and are much gentler on the stomach. lactose intolerant people, who are notorious for their quick and loose approach to the dairy world.

Want to stock up on treats for your vegan spread? Next door is Le Gourmand, a vegan French bakery where you can stock up on French breads, savory spreads, deceptively buttery croissants and delicate little macaroons.

Don’t believe us? Why not compare with the best cheese shops in Sydney?

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