Kim Kardashian Met Gala diet: What does a nutritionist think of Kim’s extreme diet?

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Kim Kardashian said she had lost 16 pounds in three weeks before the with gala in order to fit into her magnificent dress, previously worn by Marilyn Monroe.

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Kim said vogue that she went on an extreme diet to fit the dress after it didn’t fit her three weeks before the event. “I wore a sauna suit twice a day, ran on the treadmill, completely cut out all sugar and carbs, and ate only the cleanest vegetables and proteins. I didn’t starve myself, but I I was so strict,” she said. .

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Kim Kardashian shares her post-Met Gala meal plan

Kim said it was “such a challenge” to fit into the dress, then after the event the star took to Instagram Stories to say she was “starved” and showed she had some mini donuts and dozens of pizzas delivered to his hotel room.

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“I haven’t eaten carbs or sugar in almost a month. Definitely three weeks. I’m so excited!” The Kardashians said the star.

While Kim’s extreme diet caused her to lose 16 pounds, how healthy was the diet? We spoke to two top nutritionists for their verdict on Kim’s Met Gala diet.


Kim Kardashian rocked a dress previously worn by Marilyn Monroe

How healthy was Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala weight loss?

β€œKim’s goal was to get into Marilyn’s dress, and to do it quickly. It’s not a normal set of circumstances, so it took an extreme approach to lose 16 pounds in a very short time. Did it work Yes Is it Not really because extreme behavior with food can be a super negative force,” says a licensed nutritionist. Hannah Aldersonwho specializes in menopause and PCOS.

Certified Nutritionist Companion Charlotte Faure Green, which helps bring stressed bodies and minds back into balance, explains that extreme weight loss is classified as losing more than one kilogram per week for an extended period of time. “Kim’s diet caused her to lose double a week, over the course of a month,” Charlotte explains. “This type of weight loss is not sustainable and will invariably end in a cycle of binge eating after the restriction period.

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“Eliminating whole food groups is incredibly stressful on the body,” adds Charlotte. “The reason Kim found it to be ‘such a challenge’ is because it went against her body’s needs and silenced her food cues.

“Losing such a large amount of weight in such a short time is not a healthy practice and can have huge impacts on all systems in the body: immune function, hormones, mental health, digestive, muscle, skin and nails and skeletal.”, Charlotte continues.

Kim’s weight loss diet has divided opinion on Twitter

There are some positives to take from Kim’s approach, but not in the extreme way she’s chosen, as Hannah explains: “Reducing sugar and refined carbohydrate intake can be a positive thing to long-term health benefits, when done right.” Hannah said.

“I would need to know more about the foods she ate to give you my full review, but if she ate lots of vegetables with good quality protein, that’s better than an ultra diet shake approach. -transformed or a medical fat-loss procedure.” adds Hannah.

“Kim would have been better off on a less extreme diet to balance blood sugar and increase her intake of beautiful, colorful vegetables for longer to lose the 16 pounds,” Hannah concludes.


Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala weight loss was a hot topic on social media after the event

As for Kim’s use of the sauna, Charlotte has some extremely interesting ideas. “I’m a big fan of using the therapeutic sauna, as the benefits are vast, and I use it often as a tool in my clinic,” she says.

“It works on the basis of hormesis, essentially inducing a short, mild stressor for the body (increased cortisol) to build physical, mental, and emotional resilience. The sweet spot is in the recovery period, and although Kim doesn’t say how long she stayed in her sauna suit, twice a day seems excessive.”

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She explains that two or three short sauna sessions per week are enough. β€œIt is likely that Kim was after the exercise mimicry (increased core temperature, heart rate, and excessive sweating), but the result is likely to be primarily water loss (as opposed to fat loss) and lead to electrolyte imbalance if it doesn’t replenish after the sauna with lost nutrients, and possibly an unhealthy adrenal response,” Charlotte shares.

What about Kim’s decision to treat herself to pizza and donuts right after the Met Gala?

We’ve long known that crash diets aren’t a healthy approach to weight loss, and Kim losing weight so quickly and then feasting on tasty pizza and donuts could also be a problem, as Hannah explains.

“It can be stressful and confusing for the body and especially the gut. If the body has been tricked into thinking it is in a state of starvation, there can be consequences when there is a windfall. sudden increase in energy-dense processed foods.”

Charlotte explains that Kim’s cravings for pizza and donuts were a result of depriving her body of them.

“The reason Kim gave it her all for donuts and pizza after the Met was because she finally listened to her body’s call telling her what it needed: energy and sugar. to work properly,” explains Charlotte. “The weight will come back, and maybe more than where it started. Establishing a healthy metabolism for weight loss takes time, proper nutrition, consistency, and patience.”

Hannah also points out that Kim’s post Met Gala meal will likely have resulted in some bloating today. “My biggest concern would be if Kim’s diet glamorizes fad diet culture and ‘cheat day’ because it really isn’t a vibe.”

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