Katherine Bernhardt David Zwirner Exhibition London

You can always expect an explosion of symbolism and color when looking at Katherine Bernhardt’s work. As one of the most recent artist acquisitions in the David Zwirner lineup, the St. Louis-based artist has unveiled his first solo exhibition at the gallery’s London location.

Why is a fungus growing in my shower? features some of Bernhardt’s greatest paintings to date, characteristically blending his own life with visual ephemera found in society. As the show’s title suggests, the show makes an ode to the irreverent cultural status of mushrooms, while also featuring a range of lo-fi portrayals of characters seen through The simpsons, Garfield, Pink Pantherwith a particular fascination for Crocs.

“Bernhardt has proven herself to be an utterly unique painter of our time, chronicling her life and wider culture through bold painterly technique and an expansive sense of form and space,” the review said. of art Nicole Rudick.

The exhibition is approaching its final weeks and will be on view at the David Zwirner in London until July 29.

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