Kate Middleton’s secret solo 8am outings as she misses her ‘inner life’

Kate Middleton has a clever way of ‘feeding her inner life’ and responding to her passion for the arts, according to Tina Brown’s new book, The Palace Papers

Kate admits she’s ‘missing’ a big part of her life

The Duchess of Cambridge is the center of attention every time she goes.

Whether it’s an official engagement or a trip to the supermarket, Kate turns heads and rarely manages to go unnoticed on a daily basis.

But according to a new book about the Royal Family, the busy mum-of-three has a little trick to “feed her inner life”.

Princess Diana’s The Palace Papers reporter and friend Tina Brown, which will go on sale next month, claims Kate goes at 8 a.m. for secret tours of London’s museums and art galleries, reports the Daily Mail.

She claims she was spotted at a Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy by a stunned member of the public.

She’s a hard-working mom of three, but she makes sure she has time to herself for her passions.


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Kate studied art at university


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She reportedly told him, “I miss my art history,” she told him. “That’s what I do to get my fix.”

Kate studied the subject at the University of St Andrew’s, where she met Prince William, graduating in 2005 with a 2:1.

She is a talented artist and she particularly likes drawing.

For the wedding of her sister, Pippa Middleton, she drew St. Mark’s Church (where the ceremony was held) for the cover of the Order of Service.

James Matthews, Pippa’s husband and Kate’s brother-in-law, praised the drawing in his wedding speech, saying “to Pippa’s sister, Kate, such an ability – a beautiful drawing of St. -Marc in the order of service.”

Kate designed the order of service for her sister’s wedding in 2017


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Art is a passion that Kate has brought to her royal work, especially when it comes to her patronages.

She put her degree to good use when she selected photos for the National Gallery’s Victorian Giants: The birth of art photography exhibition in 2018.

She also wrote the captions that accompany each image and the preface to the exhibition catalog.

Kate is also a talented photographer and takes the majority of her family’s official photos.

Just today she released her latest collection of snaps, four beautiful images of her youngest son, Prince Louis, to mark his fourth birthday.

The images show the little royal playing barefoot on the beach with a cricket ball.

But it seems she has another creative hobby – knitting, although she confessed that she was “really bad” at it.

Kate revealed she tried her hand at knitting in 2013 when she was pregnant with Prince George.

According to Hello!, she told a group of royal fans during her visit to Glasgow: “I tried knitting and I’m really bad. I should ask for advice!”

She admitted her attempts to knit George a sweater had gone a bit wrong, telling the group, “I tried to knit when I first got George. I tried to knit him a sweater. very special, but I went down halfway and he splashed. He’s such an incredible talent.”

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