“Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!) ((through the future))” by Soul Glo Review

Soul Glo is only now reaching the pinnacle of their powers, but from their perspective, their days have never felt so numbered. Their upcoming full-length, Diaspora Problems, should be a round of victory for the Philadelphia ace: while long hailed as one of the leading lights of American hardcore, they are only now gaining widespread fame thanks to last year’s strength DisNigga Vol. 2, their first release for Epitaph. On the new album’s lead single, “Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!) ((Through the Future)),” it’s exactly that success that makes vocalist Pierce Jordan burst with justified dread.

Dissecting the uniquely vicious entropy that plagues black musicians, Jordan evokes the ghosts of two of his most recent victims – Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke – in a stark illustration of the borrowed time he lives in. The band spins in slash-and-burn lockstep behind him, splashing distorted colors across every bar as Jordan breathlessly rages against the target he’s painted on his own back by daring to realize himself. “We’ve just left behind a century of performers whose screams were purposefully left unheard,” he howls as his bandmates punctuate the words with a screeching wall of noise. He mocks those who question his memory for dense rhymes (“I don’t have to take mental notes if this shit is just the truth”) and the cyclical liberal optimism for a better future that never comes.

Jordan knows that urgency is second nature to the convicts: “Would you be surprised if I died next week?” he asks, realizing there isn’t a moment left to wait for an answer—better attack the next riff and keep the tour bus going. As his crew defiantly storms across the minefield of minor league fame, Jordan tastes a bittersweet truth: his untimely death would serve as the ultimate proof-of-concept for Soul Glo.


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