Jingle Design completes “Flow Bar & Lab” in Shenyang, China

the jingle design gives the “flow bar & lab” a futuristic touch

Located in Shenyang, China, Jingle Design’s ‘Flow Bar & Lab’ is a social restaurant giving off futuristic accents on a calm, dark and minimalist background. Upon entering the bar, patrons are greeted by an eye-catching art installation suspended from the ceiling. Shaped like rows of water drops, ‘the work demonstrates its beauty in the vertical and horizontal order, constituting a symbol of contemporary art’, say the architects. Throughout the day, a warm interplay of light and shadow gives the metal installation ever-changing qualities that keep visitors curious and captivated.

enhance the visual experience with atypical layouts

Unlike the open layouts of typical beverage counters, the bar here takes on the shape of a hexagon that Jingle Design has constructed using sophisticated craftsmanship and distinctive materials. After the suspended artwork, the diamond-shaped counter becomes the second most captivating feature of the “Flow Bar & Lab”, infusing power into the space with its central position. The mix of wood and metal with a solid geometric form provides a sense of calm and order, allowing guests to enjoy a drink amidst the ambient design.

an eye-catching water drop installation adorns the

Meanwhile, made of wooden materials, all the tables and chairs are arranged around the periphery of the space, with ripples of water on the floor to gently contrast with the artwork on the ceiling, balancing the elements ” pointed” with the softer ones.

Another striking feature of this project is the curved glass stretched horizontally on one side of the dining area. Combining its horizontal layout with curved walls and ceilings softened by natural light, guests feel like they are floating between indoors and outdoors, expanding their viewing experience while maintaining a sense of calm and serenity.

an eye-catching water drop installation adorns the

flow bar 4 lab

an eye-catching water drop installation adorns the

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