James Ruse Drive ‘eroded’ after hydrochloric acid spill

A main road in Sydney’s west is “gnawed away” after three 20-litre drums of hydrochloric acid fell from the back of a lorry on Thursday morning, causing major traffic delays in the area.

Emergency services are on the scene at James Ruse Drive in Rosehill applying a neutralizing agent to the road following the incident at around 7.15am.

Speaking on 2GB, Adam Dewberry, Superintendent of Fire and Rescue NSW, said the spill had caused a cloud of steam to form over the road and was “eating parts of the road”.

James Ruse Drive had to be closed in both directions between Parramatta Road and Hassall Street. Southbound lanes have since been reopened via Rosehill. Northbound lanes have also been reopened.

“There’s a bit of work for our firefighters to do this morning,” Dewberry said.

“There will be quite significant traffic impacts for the rest of the morning.”

An exclusion zone has been set up to protect the public and a barrier has been installed to prevent acid from entering the waterways.

“They’re wearing protective gear,” Dewberry said of the emergency personnel.

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