Jada Kingdom Addresses Fans Concerned About Her Weight Loss

Now that Heavy singer Jada Kingdom has lost a few pounds, she plans to keep it that way. “Mi nuh want it!” the singer told fans in a recent Instagram Live, where she addressed those who suggested she go back to her fluffier figure.

“Anyone who has a problem with my weight loss can go find it and nyam it,” Jada said. “Because I don’t want it. It’s as simple as [email protected]@t that!”

After wrapping up a spicy stage performance in Trinidad on Emancipation Weekend, the singer who held nothing back shaking her behind on her tracks like Heavy, Budand Shake, received dozens of critical remarks regarding her now slimmer appearance.

Jada shared clips from the event on her Instagram page and while many loved the show, others weren’t as impressed.

“She’s getting small 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 Alright Jada nuh more dawg. I like fluffysssssssssssssssss,” one worried fan said.

Others added that they missed ‘old Jada’. “I want mom back heavily!! Nuh li[k]e that at all 😢 babes plz come back we miss you!!” one person said.

Another added: “She’s been getting small for a year now smh I definitely miss this Jada.” “She looks so good but I miss her old weight ❤️,” said another.

As expected, another set of To win the singer’s fans came to her defense. “Smh, she looks damn good, she’s not wearing fat, so she’s getting rid of it,” one person remarked.

While others liked Jada’s size anyway. “I miss the big batty @jadakingdom. Swear 😢 this shit made you so different with your own track #HEAVY but you’re still fine,” one person commented.

Others replied: “Ikr.. I miss thick old Jada.. I guess she’s fine but she looks so different, I’m not used to it”, and “Yes, she has a small body yes but not that body that made her Jada Kingdom…. When you say Jada you know she looks pretty heavy, we all know it’s her.Another said, “She’s still thick.”

The Throw it back The singer seems to have a hard time pleasing all of her fans. On her IG Live, Jada also addressed the opinions some people had about her dancing on stage.

“And another thing the song dem weh mi a shake up mi batty to name heavy budum and Shake. Weh the fvck uno expect mi fi do, snap mi bloodcl @ @ t finga? Does that fucking make sense? Jada snapped.

“When I play a song like Win, feelings, perfect timing…and the crowd sings until they lose their voices…uno nah gonna see this uh but as I start shaking the beats everyone is appalled. The name of the song Heavy budum, shake, what do you expect from me, a nod to the beat of [email protected]@t? she added.

Jada continued to complain, saying those who have a problem with her stage performances are always the ones who never show up at the event.

“How can you hate from outside the club? You can’t even get it, like what! she cried.

Kingdom have released their highly anticipated new single MPE on Friday, August 5, and apparently has a music video on the way for the track.

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