‘Jackass’ star Steve-O once inhaled 600 cartridges of nitrous oxide in one day

Donkey Star Steve-O said he once went through 600 rounds of nitrous oxide in 24 hours.

The stuntman recently reflected on his history of drug use while appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, discussing the hallucinations he is said to be suffering from.

Steve-O has spoken of taking cocaine and nitrous oxide for three days in a row, claiming he wouldn’t sleep and suffered from hallucinations.

“That’s when all this crazy shit stopped because I’d be like awake on cocaine for three days and just inhale nitrous oxide,” he said.

He added: “And then the shit starts breaking out and people are walking around my flat who are never physically there.

“Like real fucking people, man, I watched a guy walk into my apartment and pick up my fucking bong and take a puff and puff some smoke and just walk through the wall. He never fucked there . Already.”

The Donkey The performer also said he had had tactile hallucinations where he could feel things that weren’t really happening.

Meanwhile, Donkey may return for a new TV series later this year courtesy of Paramount+.

“Based on the success of Fooled foreverwe are working with the creators to continue the partnership with a new series, bringing even more ridiculous antics straight to Paramount+,” said Bob Bakish, CEO of Paramount Global, earlier this year.

No other details on returning cast members or potential stunts have yet been revealed, but the project is said to be hosted exclusively by Paramount+.

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