It will be in May: Vancouver will be colder than seasonal next month

If you were hoping for beach parties in anticipation of warmer weather in Vancouver in May, what were you thinking? It’s Vancouver.

Unfortunately, in Vancouver and most of British Columbia, the weather in early May will look a lot like April, with colder-than-seasonal temperatures forecast for at least the first half of the month.

The Weather Network states that a “strong blocking pattern is building” towards the end of April, and unfortunately there are no signs that this pattern will break down until at least the end of May.

Southern Canada will also be dominated by colder-than-season temperatures, and unless you’re in Alberta – yes, Alberta – you’ll want to keep this jacket handy.

While most of British Columbia will be hit with colder than seasonal temperatures, it won’t be all bad if you’re not a fan of colder weather.

“While I have no doubt that these forecasts are very disappointing for most people, keep in mind that the ‘season’ is increasing by about two degrees per week in much of Canada, so the ‘cool’ weather early May will be even warmer than what we saw in the first half of spring,” The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham said in a statement.


“Also, the temperatures won’t be cool every day.”

Gillham also added, “still inconsistent – this is the nature of spring across Canada”.

The 14-day trend shows temperatures rising a few degrees at the start of May, so it will be a bit warmer than April, Gillham pointed out.

Meanwhile, the seven-day forecast – which is generally more accurate than the 14-day trend – suggests temperatures will hover around 14C and 9C to end what has been a month of doldrums so far. memorable April. the time comes.

If you’re looking for a cozy getaway that’s not too far away, apparently Alberta is a great place to visit this year.

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