Intense training for 2 hours straight, high-protein vegetarian diet and everything the late actor strictly followed!

Sidharth Shukla’s Fitness Routine Decoded: From an intense 2-hour workout to a high-protein vegetarian diet, the late actor was a fitness freak! (Photo credit: Instagram)

The late actor Sidharth Shukla is one of India’s most beloved television stars. He enjoyed huge number of fans on social media which only increased after his huge victory in Bigg Boss 13. Apart from that, his powerful performance and impressive acting skills were appreciated by a lot.

Although he was blessed with irresistible good looks, he was also a big fitness buff and was often seen sweating it out in the gym to keep his body warm. Now let’s find out about Dil Se Dil Tak actor’s fitness regimen.

Sidharth’s Fitness Routine

According to Only My, Sidharth Shukla has been going to the gym since he was 14 years old. He did a bodybuilding routine after witnessing his weight reduction and looked better than before. He goes to the gym 6 days a week and spends 2 hours there a day. He focused more on bodybuilding.

Last year, rumors began circulating that the Broken But Beautiful 3 actor was on a diet following news of his death. According to a report from Bollywood Life, his fitness trainer Sonu Chaurasia has squashed all the rumors and claimed that the actor loves home cooked meals. He used to balance his workouts by doing strength training in the morning and cardio in the evening.

Sidharth even once shared his training plan in a video: “My fitness mantra would be to train and train really hard. I like not to waste a lot of time while I train. I also make sure I don’t bring my cell phone to the gym, just because I feel like you have to focus a lot during workouts. You must be completely focused on what you are doing.

“So what I do is while I’m working on any part of the body, I finish the set, get on the treadmill and run for a minute. Once I’m done with this I get back to my training. So I don’t waste a lot of time. I’m continuously active and I burn a lot of calories. That’s what I like because by the time I get out of the gym sport, I need to be completely drained, that’s where I feel Wow, it’s a great training day,” added Sidharth Shukla.

Sidharth Shukla’s Diet

As for his diet, Sidharth consumes oats, a protein shake or an egg for breakfast. At lunch, he likes to keep it simple like Dal, roti and vegetables. His dinner mainly consists of a protein-based diet like bread (roti) made from barley. Sidharth also occasionally has a cheat day, but later burns extra calories using the stairs and not the elevator to reach the apartment.

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