I worked with a talented Belgian floral artist to capture birds and squirrels next to flowers (19 photos)

Have you ever wondered what red squirrels do when they think no one is watching?

Wout Knuts, a talented floral artist asked me for a collaboration and I loved the idea. I started with joy and passion, letting the squirrels interact with the flowers. Red squirrels are the most curious creatures on earth and incredibly persistent. I guess if they see new things they want to interact with them because of their curiosity. As much as we love the smell of flowers, it attracts squirrels. Squirrels eat roses, but they also eat daisies, daffodils, marigolds, hyacinths and geraniums. Besides eating roses, squirrels also love the smell of these flowers.

I’ve also added a few more photos of birds interacting with the aforementioned flowers! I hope you will enjoy seeing the photos as much as I had taking them!

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