I Tried Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Workout – Here’s What Happened

Like pretty much everyone else, I started my fitness routine in January, firing up all the guns after relaxing and over-indulging during the holidays. Unlike everyone else, I turned to the celebrity world for inspiration and one workout that caught my eye was the workout Tom Holland used to get in shape for his role as Spider-Man. Tom is said to have gained 7kg of muscle mass in six weeks leading up to the filming of the movie to perfect Spider-Man’s athletic physique, so who wouldn’t want to try his workout?

one thing i wish I knew about Tom before I started this challenge, that he has a gymnastics background, so he was no stranger to the gravity-defying bodyweight exercises that most gym goers try to avoid. Tom’s goals were to build muscle without bulking up, as Spider-Man is known for being strong but lean, so he enlisted the help of London-based personal trainer George Ashwell.

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