‘I don’t see how we can refuse this’: Mississauga development approved amid concerns from councilor and residents’ group

Nearly 20 new single-family homes have been approved for a Mississauga neighborhood despite opposition from the local councilman.

The Mississauga Planning Committee has approved a proposal to build 19 single-family homes at 1583 Cormack Cres. in the Orchard Heights area of ​​the Lakeview neighborhood.

The development, which is being proposed by Elm Cormack Inc., will be on 0.86 hectares of land where Star Academy Private School currently stands, south of the QEW Highway and Dixie Road.

Local councilor Stephen Dasko was the only one to vote against the proposed development on the planning committee.

At the June 20 meeting the development was approved, Dasko said the proposed scale for the front of the lots was too small.

“That’s a big part of the concern here,” he said. “And the idea and the request is to remove one of those lots so that the actual frontages can be extended and come closer to the 45 foot frontages that the community and ratepayers association (wants).”

Current city zoning for the site requires minimum lot frontages between 49 and 64 feet, while Elm Cormack Inc. has proposed that lot frontages be between 36 and 39.4 feet.

Orchard Heights Homeowners Association President Tonya Elmazi said approval of the proposed lot sizes could lead to “lot splitting” in the neighborhood.

“It is certain to set the stage for a slow but steady change in the character of Orchard Heights,” she said.

An earlier version of the proposal aimed to build 10 detached houses and 20 semi-detached houses on the site.

The proposal was later reduced to 22 single-family homes with smaller lots and taller buildings.

Elm Cormack Inc.’s approved proposal heights have been reduced by about a foot and residential lots have increased by 2.1 to 3.5 feet, according to a report from city staff.

City staff recommended approval for the development of 19 single-family homes and, in a May 27 report, said the proposal “intensifies a large, underutilized lot with new single-family homes that have been sensitively designed to be compatible with the existing and planned character of the neighbourhood. ”

At the meeting, Mississauga city planner Robert Ruggiero said the project complies with provincial rules that require consideration of intensification, efficient land use and increased options. of accommodation.

“We recommend approval because, as I have said before, it provides a range of housing options in the area. This represents a context-aware approach to densification on the outskirts of a neighborhood,” he said.

The proposed development is approximately 200 meters south of the QEW Highway and east of the Dixie Outlet Mall. Otherwise, the development site is mostly surrounded by single-family neighborhoods, a veterinary hospital and vacant land.

At the meeting, Ward 5 Council Carolyn Parrish called on fellow councilors to approve the development and said “our reputation is on the line.”

“It’s single family homes, it’s on the land, it’s surrounded by grass,” she said. “I don’t see how anyone can refuse that. This is the way of the future, and everyone is going to have to get used to it.

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