How to Lose Weight Naturally by a Mom of Five Who Lost 40 Pounds Without Giving Up Pasta or KFC

After giving birth to her twin daughters, Hannah Pech tipped the scales at 111kg.

The mother-of-five, from South Australia, lived on an unhealthy diet of sugary treats and ready meals.

“My typical lunch was either three hot dogs or two meat pies frozen in the microwave,” she says. 7life.

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“My afternoon hit included half a block of chocolate often washed down with a liter of soft drink.

“I was drinking very little water and my portions were through the roof.

“I often ate enough for two.”

But the size 20 mum knew she had to overcome her poor eating habits to regain her health – after being bedridden with severe chronic back pain aged just 31.

Determined to control her weight, Hannah Pech lost 40 kg without giving up her favorite foods. Credit: The healthy mom

Determined to get her weight under control, the high school teacher, now 35, slimmed down to a size 12.

Hannah lost 40 kg naturally without giving up her favorite foods like pasta, chocolate and KFC.

She decided to see a doctor in early 2018 after suffering excruciating back pain without “warning”.

“The doctor put me on some medicine to help but said I had to have another adult present with my kids if I had to take it because it was very sedating,” Hannah recalled.

Hannah lost 40 kg naturally without giving up her favorite foods like pasta, chocolate and KFC. Credit: healthy mom
The size 20 mum knew she had to overcome her poor eating habits to regain her health. Credit: The healthy mom

“That was my wake-up call.

“If I couldn’t be the mother of my five children, something had to change.”

“That was my wake up call”, – Hannah

She took the prescription home and stuck it on her fridge.

“That was my motivation,” she says.

Prior to her stunning body transformation, the busy mum-of-five said she never prioritized herself. Credit: The healthy mom
In two years, the mom went from a size 20 to a size 12. Credit: The healthy mom

The next day, she signed up for a month-long trial of The Healthy Mummy, a holistic health program offering an app with simple meal recipes and exercise plans over a 28-day challenge.

Three months later, she weighed 10 kg after eating home-cooked, calorie-controlled meals.

“I threw the unfilled painkiller script in the trash, never to be filled out again,” she says.

Hannah signed up to try a holistic health program that offered simple recipes and exercise plans over a 28-day challenge. Credit: Scott Ehler/The healthy mom

While breastfeeding her twin daughters, she ate 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day.

“I cooked all my meals and snacks from the app,” she says.

“I continued to lose 25 kg in 12 months, and another 5 kg over the next 12 months.”

Once she hit her goal weight, she started running.

“Now I run three times a week, swim, cycle – after 17 years of not cycling – and thriving on being an active mom,” she says.

The 35-year-old says she is “now thriving on being an active mum”. Credit: The healthy mom

Hannah, who now weighs 75kg, says she feels healthier and happier than ever.

While her typical diet now includes healthy, home-cooked meals, she still indulges herself every day.

“I’ve learned that if I cut out food, I want more,” she says.

“I eat chocolate every day, just a fun sized bar not a family block.

“I usually get take-out once a week, like KFC, but I make sure it’s more consumer-friendly than what I would have eaten before.

“I also make sure that when I have moments where I overeat or indulge too much, I don’t let it get to me, I take advantage of it.

“It’s all part of life.”

Hannah showing a week of home cooked meals she has prepared. Credit: The healthy mom

Healthy day on a plate

Breakfast: Espresso smoothie

Lunch: Salmon and salad

Having dinner: Homemade dish like baked pasta and sausage with vegetables

Snacks: Slice of Weet-Bix, banana, muesli bar or Cruskits

After her weight loss, the mom completed three half marathons last year.

“I’m currently training for my first marathon in May,” she says.

“So my training schedule is quite packed and I love it.

“When I was 105kg I struggled to walk 1km – now I plan to run 42km.”

Typical weekly exercise program

Monday: Rest day or swimming/walking

Tuesday: 7 km sprint

Wednesday: swimming or strength

Thursday: Day off

Friday: 8 km sprint

Saturday: Exercising with the kids – swimming, biking or walking

Sunday: Long race day usually 15-18km

Reflecting on old photos of herself, Hannah says she can’t help but “feel sad for my older kids.”

“My twin girls (now four years old) will never remember me as unhealthy and overweight,” she says.

“But I wish I had changed my lifestyle earlier so I could be more active with my three older children when they were little.

“I don’t have a lot of photos from when I was older because I hid from the camera, a lot of memories that weren’t captured because of my height.”

For those looking to lose weight, Hannah says, “Do it for yourself, not someone else.” Credit: The healthy mom

For those looking to lose weight, Hannah says her best advice is to find an exercise you enjoy and roll with it.

“Have solid goals that you want to achieve over time,” she says.

“To avoid injury and long-term damage, don’t underestimate rest days.”

start small

She adds: “Do it for yourself, not for someone else. Don’t focus on what others have accomplished.

“You are you. Focus on health by changing your habits, instead of losing weight to be lean.

“Make simple habits and start small.

“You don’t have to do it all at once.

“We can learn as much from our moments of success as from our failures.”

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