How The Devil Wears Prada Differs From The Book

In the film adaptation, Andy Sachs tends to be quiet, polite, and very hardworking. However, the book describes Andy as a strong-willed and somewhat sarcastic young woman who smokes cigarettes and swears often. While the movie Andy would tackle any project offered to her, the novel Andy seems to think she’s above it all, and some readers have claimed she exhibits the same snobbery as she does. despise others. In the novel, Andy comes to Runway after traveling the world, gaining life experience to apply to his career. In contrast, the film shows Andy joining Runway right out of college, indicating that she has far less life and culture experience to draw from.

Readers have also pointed out that Emily from the novel shows more empathy and kindness towards Andy when she first comes to Runway. While many loved Emily Blunt’s portrayal of the smug principal assistant, it would have been great to see more of that friendship in the film. Fans have since reunited with the former principal assistant Emily was loosely based on.

Stylist Leslie Fremar was once Anna Wintour’s assistant at Vogue. “It took a long time to figure it out and a few moments of sinking or swimming, but it was amazing,” she told Into the Gloss. She credited her time with Wintour as an experience that changed who she is (via Coveteur), saying, “I honestly believe that if I didn’t work for her, I wouldn’t have as much success or hard work as I did. .” Fremar has also been candid about his on-screen persona, saying that while clips from the film were amplified, some of them were true to life.

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