How Postgraduate Studies Could Give You a Competitive Edge in Your Career

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The past few years have thrown many curveballs at all of us, causing people to rethink their lives, and especially their careers. But the job market can be competitive, so often if you’re looking to change course in your career or move up a gear, you need a little extra study to get there.

It was actually before the pandemic hit that Trinity King began to think that she might want to take her career in a new direction — and that she might need some more study to get there.

After completing her undergraduate studies in science, Trinity worked as a civil servant for almost nine years and, although she loved her job, she found that she was not getting the opportunities she wanted, despite having relevant experience. in the field. .

“I was looking for a change, and I felt my science background didn’t really match what I had become good at working for government, which I wanted to pursue,” Trinity says.

“Although I was well regarded, I felt that when opportunities presented themselves, I was often overlooked by other people with degrees in economics or law, due to the nature of political work.”

Trinity King

She decided to enroll in the Australian National University (ANU) LLM and started studying part-time around work in 2020.

“I’ve always been interested in studying law, and I was working on labor law amendments, so I thought it was a good opportunity and a good fit. I decided that going back and doing a master’s would really give me the professional qualification to show that I could do political work,” says Trinity.

As a university, ANU is recognized around the world – in fact, the QS World University Rankings for 2022 named ANU the best university in Oceania – and Trinity says it is the reputation of the institution that convinced her to enroll.

“I knew it was pretty well regarded, but I noticed that when I tell people where I’m studying, there’s professional recognition that you’re studying at a really good university,” she says.

ANU offers a wide range of postgraduate degrees in various fields such as Master of Applied Data Analytics, Master of Neuroscience, Master of Management, Master of Energy Change, Master of Museum and Heritage Studies, Master of Engaging Asia, and many others.

ANU postgraduate students learn in small classes taught by passionate, world-renowned scholars working on real-world research and contributing to some of the most urgent and important changes in the real world. Through her lecturers and academic contacts, Trinity says she had easy access to parliamentary staff and other relevant professionals during her studies.

“One of my specialties is public law, and I’ve been able to talk to people I might not have been able to talk to because of those relationships,” she says.

“And all the speakers were brilliant, and I got so much out of it. I really improved my writing skills. I am much more confident speaking in public and giving presentations so it was definitely the right decision to study at ANU and I wouldn’t have wanted to study anywhere else.

Before graduating with a master’s degree in law in July, Trinity took up a new position in the private sector working for an engineering company. But she plans to eventually return to a government post and thinks her postgraduate degree will open up more roles for her in the field she wants to work in.

“Having this degree means I definitely have more opportunities, and people see me in a different light than when I just had a bachelor of science, because it’s more suited to my career now,” she says. .

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