How land stewards are helping koalas recover in parts of NSW Monaro – Mornings

Twelve months ago, local Land Services in South East NSW distributed over 100 audio devices to over 60 private owners in parts of Monaro.

The Koala Karaoke Project involves citizen scientists or property hosts in recording koala bellows during breeding season.

Audio recorders were sent to several sites in the Numeralla area, including Bredbo, Michelago, Jerangle, Kalabash and other sites in isolated Tinderry chains.

Other recorders were sent to the Avonside area between Berridale, Jindabyne and the Snowy River.

Adrienne Francis from ABC Canberra spoke to Richard Snashall from Numeralla and Lauren Van Dyke from Billilingra near Bredbo about their involvement with Koala Karaoke and the wider Cold Country Koalas project.

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