How fast is your commute in London?

In London, rail is a way of life.

Around two million passengers use the London Underground every day. There are 272 metro stations in total. Above the surface there is a nuanced network of regional and national lines, as well as the 112 London Overground stations.

But beyond the numbers, Londoners are all obsessed with trains. We love nothing more than talking to a novice about the quickest route to a part of town, and secretly relish the challenge of finding other ways to get home when our normal route breaks down. cancellations.

What we are more resistant to, however, is understanding the science behind our movements. Why do some Tubes stop at seemingly random times? What determines the speed limit on the tracks? Are the trains faster?

Below, with the help of experts, we will learn exactly what determines the speed of trains in the capital.

Read the interactive article here.

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