Hospital, ICU admissions jump in latest Manitoba weekly COVID-19 update

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations continued to rise in Manitoba last week, says the weekly epidemiological report released on Thursday.

From April 3 to 9, 177 people were admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

That’s an increase of 36, or 25.5 per cent, over the 141 hospital admissions reported the week before.

The province also reported a jump in intensive care unit admissions — 19 last week compared to 11 the previous week.

The latest update says five more people died due to COVID-19 last week, bringing Manitoba’s publicly reported death toll to 1,759.

On Monday, CBC News published leaked data reported on an internal provincial database. That data said an additional five people died due the coronavirus from April 9 to 11, bringing the total to 1,764.

Laboratory tests confirmed 1,694 new cases of the disease, 335 more than the 1,359 reported the previous week, an increase of 25 per cent.

Those numbers are considered an undercount, however, because of limited access to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, the only type of tests officially recorded by the province. The province does not track positive rapid test results.

There were 829 confirmed cases in the Winnipeg health region, 265 in Prairie Mountain Health, 252 in the Interlake-Eastern health region, 215 in the Southern Health region and 133 in the Northern Health Region.

The province’s test positivity rate also rose, from 18.6 per cent to 20.7 per cent. Labs completed an average of 1,166 tests per day last week.

There was one new outbreak reported at a long-term care facility last week, compared to seven the week before.

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