Honking drivers fined for causing disruption in city center

The police asked a group of motorists to stop honking. They obeyed, but later some started honking again nearby.

Victoria Police have handed out ‘significant’ tickets to two drivers who are now facing fines as well as penalty points after taking part in loud protests in the city centre.

The incident began shortly after noon on Thursday when about 20 vehicles took part in a demonstration by “honking their horns”. They were next to the BC Legislature using vehicle horns, modified air horns, and amplified speakers mounted on vehicles.

During the protest they did what the police called a “slow blockade”.

The event was illegal and affected residents and businesses around the Legislature and James Bay, police said.

A Victoria Police traffic officer, backed up by patrol officers, spoke to each driver attending the event. Everyone has been given a warning and a reminder that protests must be safe, peaceful and legal.

The horns and disturbances ceased after each driver was questioned. When all the vehicles left the area, the police resumed their usual duties.

However, shortly after, the same traffic cop was in the 2500 block of Blanshard Street on an unrelated matter when he saw several of the protest vehicles around the legislature.

They drove around the block, honking their horns and using amplified speakers to target a particular business, said police, who did not identify the business.

These are the same drivers who had received warnings. The officer began stopping them to issue them tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act. The disruptive activity quickly ceased, police said.

Two drivers received tickets with fines and penalty points. Details have not been released.

“VicPD supports safe, peaceful and legal protests. Unsafe and/or dangerous activities will continue to be de-escalated and enforced. »

Earlier this year, the legislature was the scene of frequent, often anti-vaccine and anti-government protests that included trucks and cars honking their horns as they circled the block. The police eventually erected barricades prohibiting vehicles from entering the area.

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