Hillsong founders’ son returns home to comfort his parents

Millionaire Crushed by Millionaire Hosts a Kneeling Island

Breakfast lover, real estate mogul Tim Gurner has slammed millennials for their love of smashed avocado on toastCredit:Louis Tresis

Coronavirus has put a temporary halt to some of the best parties around the world in recent years, perhaps that’s why the millionaire property mogul Tim Gourner gave it his all for a birthday on his knees last week. The sun was shining and the margheritas were flowing freely on remote Lizard Island, the luxury resort of the Great Barrier Reef.

The evening took place over a few days, with rose served in a Nebuchadnezzar bottle (15 litres), the kind you see in Ibiza’s day clubs, dancing on tables, singing to Robbie’s Angels Williams and a Mexican-themed 40th birthday party. having dinner.

Among the guests was the owner of the Melbourne Cup-winning racehorse Brae Sokolski and partner Chloe Frost with a tight-knit group of Melbourne high-flyers.

The Melbourne luxury property developer, which is responsible for more than $3.8 billion in projects, made headlines in 2017 after comments made about 60 minutes stating that young people cannot afford to buy property because they waste money crushed by toast and coffee.

“We are entering a new reality where…many people will not own a home in their lifetime. It’s just the reality,” he told the reporter. Ross Greenwood.

When asked if he thinks young people will ever own homes, he said, “Absolutely, when you’re spending $40 a day on mashed avocados and coffees and not working. Sure”.

Sydney Dungeon recruits Mistresses

There’s not much missing in Sydney, with great beaches, a vibrant hospitality scene and a stunning harbour. But it seems adult entertainment is experiencing a shortage of sex workers following the global pandemic. The infamous house of fantasy and alternative erotica, The Kastle, is said to be lacking in BDSM mistresses and practitioners in Emerald City.

The Kastle Bondage parlor in Chippendale lacks BDSM mistresses.

The Kastle Bondage parlor in Chippendale lacks BDSM mistresses.Credit:Steven Siewert

Johns received nearly half a million dollars in a settlement with News Corp in 2020 after a 2019 story that claimed he was dating The Kastle.

Johns received nearly half a million dollars in a settlement with News Corp in 2020 after a 2019 story that claimed he was dating The Kastle.Credit:

No doubt Sydney’s top business executives will be delighted to learn that Chippendale’s dungeon and house of pain are recruiting mistresses who can help customers live out their erotic fantasies.

Emerald City is said to have five themed fetish rooms on two levels, including three dungeons – the black dungeon, the blue dungeon and the “quintessential” red dungeon – as well as the medical room where patrons can experience health exam fantasies, and the Pussy Parlor equipped with wigs, leather garments, whips and chains for those who like to cross-dress in a private setting.

The Kastle made headlines in 2019 after The Sunday Telegraph published a front-page story claiming that singer and former Silverchair frontman Daniel John had been to a brothel in Sydney with pictures taken of Johns near the establishment.


Johns received nearly half a million dollars as part of a settlement with News Corp in 2020, receiving $170,000 in addition to his legal costs of up to $300,000 covered by the media company, which also issued an extraordinary apology to the musician at the time.

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