Hikes Near Me: Vancouver Hikes That Let You See For Miles

These relatively painless hikes offer a nice reward. 😍

Want a big reward for a potentially small effort?

There are a few hikes in Metro Vancouver that allow you to soak up stunning panoramic views without showing an Olympian effort to reach the top.

But if you’ve ever typed “hikes near me” into a search engine, you might have felt a bit overwhelmed.

While there’s no shortage of hikes near Vancouver, not all of them are easy, accessible, or even suitable for beginners. In fact, many local hikes can leave you breathless or slightly terrified. In other words, you may not want to try them unless you have experience on local trails and have the necessary equipment, which may include climbing gear.

Here are a handful of local places to enjoy scenic walks that don’t require a major investment in your wallet, wellbeing, or hamstrings.

Lighthouse Park

A leisurely hike through Lighthouse Park on the North Shore offers impressive views in all directions as you weave your way through the forest and along the shore. People who just want to snap a shot of the main attraction – the beautiful white and red Point Atkinson Lighthouse – can follow an easy trail for about 10 minutes. From there, they can visit the lighthouse viewpoint to soak up sweeping ocean views and watch a cornucopia of seabirds. Best of all: this unique gem is a short drive from downtown Vancouver.

Minnekhada Regional Park

Those wishing to travel outside of the city can get lost in the sprawling expanse of Minnekhada Regional Park, which features a variety of terrain including marshes, rocky outcrops, and lush forested areas. Located in northeast Coquitlam, the local gem offers a plethora of trails to hike inside the park, suitable for all fitness levels.

According to Metro Vancouver, the Lodge Trail is only about 2km long and mostly flat, with plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities and access to a picnic area along the way.

Mount Burnaby Conservation Area

If you’re looking for an ultra-accessible hiking opportunity from Vancouver, Burnaby Mountain offers one of the least complicated routes with one of the biggest rewards.

You can take a bus directly from downtown Vancouver that travels up Burnaby Mountain. From there, you can access several trails that cross the peaceful forest. Of course, the scenic area’s main draw is the scenic views from its lookout, located in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. From here, visitors can soak up spellbinding views of Burrard Inlet and the Vancouver skyline, which are especially enchanting at sunset.

According to the City of Burnaby, you might even spot black-tailed deer, coyotes, bald eagles and some smaller animals.

Lynn Canyon Park

Tired of the Capilano Suspension Bridge?

Locals looking to cross another suspension bridge can visit the one at Lynn Canyon Park, which rises 160 feet above the canyon below. The towering viaduct is located on the Baden Powell Trail, which offers stunning views of waterfalls, swimming holes, and more along its forest path.

To note: Although these hikes are generally easier, the wilderness still demands diligence. Be sure to check current weather, terrain, and wildlife conditions before heading out. Always tell someone where you are going, bring enough food and water, wear appropriate clothing, and never hike alone. Do not attempt dangerous poses for photographs.

Visit Vancouver Trails online for a detailed list of safety tips and things to consider before your next hike.

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