Atlanta rapper Gunna faces some backlash from rapper Baby Tate, her fans and the LGBTQ+ community on Friday morning (Jan. 7). After the release of his new studio album DS4EVER, fans rushed to listen to the project, and when they got to his “Thought I Was Playing” collaboration with 21 Savage, many misheard his lyrics and believed he disapproved of transgender people.

“These guys a bunch of p***ies, they’re just a trend,” Gunna raps on the song, according to the lyrics page on Genius. However, Baby Tate and hundreds of others thought Gunna was saying “These guys a bunch of p***ies, they’re nothing but a trans” which would have been ridiculously inappropriate to say in the chorus to one of the most anticipated songs .

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“Couldn’t you find anything else to say?” asked Baby Tate in a tweet. “This man has been using derogatory LGBT words in his music for so long and I’m tired of it.”

Fans of the up-and-coming rapper supported her, but it was revealed shortly after that she may have misheard the lyrics.

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“You won’t stop me from standing up for the trans community,” said Baby Tate as people began to challenge her for her mistake. “You all did the same thing when I yelled at uzi. If the tweet causes more transphobia I will delete it, but I still believe I heard what I heard and he was wrong when he said that. I will always stand up for the LGBT community. Idc.”

Listen to the song below and check out her tweets.