Growth with Jo Workouts make walking a lot more challenging

Running workouts definitely have a moment. From the hot girl walk trend on TikTok to the 12-3-30 treadmill routine, it’s all about these easy low-impact, equipment-free exercises. And honest? The same. That’s why I knew I had to try the Grow With Jo walking workouts the moment I saw them on the internet.

Created by personal trainer Johanna Devries (aka Jo), the Grow With Jo YouTube channel is packed with walking workouts that are a perfect fit for today’s limited time. The idea is that you walk in place to take some steps and reap the benefits of the OG fitness modality without having to step outside or hop on a treadmill. Jo’s running workouts typically range from 20 to 30 minutes, which is equivalent to a one to three mile run. However, you don’t walk in place all the time.

Each workout includes a mix of different exercises, such as lateral moves, front kicks, and squats, as well as fun wave-arm moves, similar to something you’d do on any given Tuesday while dancing in your living room. You do each strength move in bite-sized intervals of 30 to 40 seconds before marching into place for 20 seconds as your break. During each workout routine, you’ll get about 25 of these heart-pounding, muscle-burning moves.

At first, you might be fooled by how easy one of these videos is to follow. But add it all up and you get a surprisingly tough HIIT-style workout — with a little strength training — that will leave you positively drenched in sweat by the end. I decided to put the workout to the test: Read on for my honest take on the Grow With Jo exercise routines.

Trying to grow with Jo’s running workouts

First and foremost I want to say that these workouts are fun. Devries has a great attitude that will make you want to keep going, even when the sweat is pouring into your eyes. She dances and hypes you up in a gym with your best friend. And the cheerful background music she chooses fits in well, too. It brought me back to the days of my cardio dance class – when going to a crowded gym was still a thing.

Jo’s workouts are also apartment friendly. Because they all walk in place, I didn’t have to move furniture to make room for burpees, or chase my dog ​​out of the way as I shuffled unpredictably. And because none of the moves involve jumping, I wasn’t worried about irritating my downstairs neighbors.

It was also nice to take a break from more intense workouts. Sometimes you just don’t feel like running for miles or lifting weights. Intense workouts can feel really good, but sometimes you just want something a little softer, you know?

Speaking of which, I also noticed right away that Devries doesn’t scream in her videos. While there is definitely a time and place for that in-your-face trainer vibe, her workouts are mostly quiet, aside from the music. She doesn’t even tell you about the moves: instead, she demonstrates them all in advance so you know what’s going to happen and can easily follow.

There’s a countdown timer in the corner of the screen that caters to that too. I was still able to switch between intervals, even if I looked away, because the timer beeped during the last five seconds of each move. It meant I could fully focus on the exercise — and groove on the tunes — without ever wondering when it would be over.

After doing these workouts for about a week, I can say that they are a great option for at-home sweating, especially if you have to stay indoors or want something a little more relaxed. I was never bored as it is essentially a mini dance party. (I even got a friend to do one with me virtually!) Oh, and me Surely have taken my steps.

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