Graham Potter sends clear message to Marc Cucurella and Yves Bissouma after Manchester United win

Brighton manager Graham Potter has sent a clear message following the high profile departures of Marc Cucurella and Yves Bissouma, “the collective idea is more important than any individual”.

The Albion boss issued the statement at his post-match press conference after beating Manchester United 2-1 thanks to a brace from Pascal Gross – Brighton’s first-ever victory at Old Trafford.

When asked if he was frustrated at losing Bissouma and Cucurella this summer, Potter replied: “I wouldn’t say frustrated but you have to scratch your head.

Brighton and Hove Albion head coach Graham Potter guided his side to victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford

“Yves Bissouma and Marc Cucurella are fairly high-priced footballers, which suggests that they are good players, and in any team you need good players to win games, especially in this league, that’s so competitive and so difficult.

“But I still think the collective idea is more important than any individual, and it’s our job to try to help the guys here improve. Like I said before, they have ambition, desire and they want to get ahead, so that’s what we focus on.

“It’s not that easy to lose the players we lost over the summer period, but we understand why we lost them and we understand that the fees we receive for them help us to progress as a club.

“Losing the quality that we have had an impact but the players are calm, the club I think is quite calm with the way we work and then it’s about helping the guys here.”

When asked if it was getting harder and harder to progress and if there was a ‘glass ceiling’ for Albion, Potter replied: “I think you have to try to progress every day. Don’t don’t look too much at the big picture.

“I have a fantastic group of players who have ambition and they give their all every day, so when you have that as a coach you focus on that and help them improve.

“We know the Premier League, we know that when you’re a club like us, with the greatest respect… we have to fight for points every day, it’s very difficult.

“At the same time, you have to have ambition and believe you can win and believe you can try to challenge.”

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