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The City of La Puente is seeking more feedback on its Safe Routes to Schools plan. Active SGV encourages people to join the plan: “Crossing the street should not be a life-or-death situation.”

La Puente offers two ways to contribute. Users can fill in a map here with parts of the city grid that need to be improved the most. The team also encourages you to complete the separate online survey to identify issues and gather suggestions related to improving school trips in La Puente.


Starting tomorrow, a new Pasadena Transit shuttle route will connect the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Garden with the Gold Line Station at Sierra Madre Villa.

The Route H shuttle will run on Saturdays and Sundays – until the pilot program ends on June 26. In addition to the station and library, the shuttle makes four stops along the route. The first shuttle departs for The Huntington at 9:40 AM and the last one departs from The Huntington at 6:02 PM

There are no fees for using the Route H shuttle; it is paid for by the Library. Read more, here.

Other news:

The city of Alhambra was the last city in San Gabriel Valley to pass a temporary ordinance to mitigate the impact of SB 9, which took effect in 2020, by voting 5-0 at a special city council meeting this week. SB 9 is intended to help alleviate the state’s affordable housing crisis, but has met resistance from cities who feared it would make single-family homes obsolete. For more, click here.

The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG), in partnership with Los Angeles Metro (Metro), is conducting a feasibility study to evaluate and improve mobility in the San Gabriel Valley. The study evaluates short- and long-term transit options designed to improve communities and the lives of residents, workers and visitors, with a focus on our most vulnerable populations: transit-dependent populations and equity-oriented communities constrained by existing transportation systems. Fill in the survey here.

LA Metro’s board of directors wrote to the county’s state representatives in the legislature to support the $16.5 billion investment of the state’s surplus in transportation infrastructure. Their letter, which is on the agenda for the board meeting of January 5 [PDF], contains a specific list of proposed investments in transit, active transport, high-speed trains and other infrastructure. Visit Streetsblog California for more information.

Active SGV is recruiting for two new positions: Specialist Organization and Policy and a Financial and Administrative Director. Click here for more information or to apply for one of these positions.

Foothill Transit is conducting a year-long study to find out how to better serve customers. Foothill Transit Forward will evaluate all aspects of the Foothill Transit system and determine where improvements can be made to create a more effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable service. The result will be a detailed service plan to make Foothill Transit more convenient and useful for residents of San Gabriel Valley. Learn more at

Foothill Transit is proposing changes to lines 292 and 690 later this year. Public information sessions will be held later this month through mid-February. Click here to learn more about the changes and how to get involved.

Metro, Foothill Transit and many other transit agencies are experiencing service delays due to staff shortages caused by the Omicron wave. Real-time information on all Foothill routes and buses can be found here: Plan ahead in case your commute takes longer than usual.

The Omicron strain of the coronavirus is raging in LA County. More than 36,000 new cases were reported in the county yesterday, and that doesn’t include the many people who test at home but don’t report results to the county. The rising number of cases is hitting unvaccinated communities, especially police and firefighters, the hardest. Some school districts are also struggling to reopen after the holidays, as teachers, staff and students are forced to stay at home.

Several hundred gallons of gasoline spilled into the Alhambra car wash on Sunday, triggering health and safety warnings in the communities of San Gabriel Valley. Alhambra police said the spill left behind a lingering smell of gas, which should disappear today. There was no current threat to the public, Pasadena City spokesman Lisa Derderian said Sunday night. For more information, visit Star-News, here.

It has been raining since the last time we wrote this newsletter. It rains a lot. While this was great news for our nearly empty reservoirs, the rainfall was not enough to end the drought alone.

Rancho Cucamonga and Los Angeles are among the first cities in the country to begin electrifying their fire truck fleets. The Daily Bulletin has more.

On January 1, dozens of new laws came into effect in California. CalMatters explains some of the biggest, including changes to state zoning laws and the “Police Decertification Act.”

A quick thank you to our readers! Streetsblog LA, SF and California raised just under $30,000 in our year-end fundraiser. Thanks to everyone for their support!

And we close with a shoutout to Senator Anthony Portantino who began his new year praising the virtues of cycling with a 30-mile ride documented on Twitter. Good luck with your goal of driving more and driving less!

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